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a very clever and action-packed book with many likeable characters and villians but if u can read and understand the book,chances are tht yur friends or cousins wont and think yur stupid while they stick to safe books like arthur.

2.ARTEMIS FOWL:the arctic incident
3.ARTEMIS FOWL:the eternity code
4.ARTEMIS FOWL:the opal deception
5.ARTEMIS FOWL:the last colony (coming out this september)

a spinoff of the series called the artemis fowl files is also out
by amit tiwari August 20, 2006
the greatest footie player ever! he deeks the shit out of everyone and left with a punch!(or shud i say headbutt)
zidane headbutted materazzi cuz materazzi said he had a sex sandwich wid zidane's mom n daughter then zidane call him mario and headbutted him
by amit tiwari August 20, 2006
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