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2 definitions by ambivalent alumnus

good school. some really smart kids and some total morons. seriously, exceptional geniuses in one class, complete boneheads in another. everything to the extreme. pretty much your stereotypical high school, if it had palm trees it would look like a movie set. decent teachers, good football, looks like it has about 1/10 of the money attending that it really does, but no worries. it's better in retrospect than when dealing with it for those four years. red and black are respectable colors, mustangs are a pretty good mascot, better than some stupid college ones like banana slugs, rainbows, or farmers. nice location, but not enough parking for the spoiled shits who get brand new cars from mommy and daddy. the parking lot is treacherous, the sign-out and leaving policy sucks, and the principal looks like a transexual with a bad haircut. all in all, monte vista high school isn't the worst, we complain too much because we're mostly all spoiled suburban brats, but at least it isn't san ramon valley high...
Monte Vista is on Stone Valley Road, which has the stupidest speed limit ever and if you don't go at least 45 on it, you will get shot at by the Blackhawk soccer moms in oversized SUV's.
by ambivalent alumnus January 14, 2005
200 85
School of American Ballet. ballet school in New York City. only takes dancers who are the absolute shit and super skinny. crazy teachers, amazing students, lots of prissy bitches tho. awesomeness in the world of ballet.
"I got into SAB summer program!"
"holy crap, you're amazing!"
"yeah, now i should lose ten pounds..."
by ambivalent alumnus January 14, 2005
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