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When a person has a cage full of mice, releases them and scares other people.
They just decided to have a mousefest and scared a little girl.
by amazing javascript programmer April 25, 2009
Putting random coins into a fountain and wishing, although knowing they will not come true.
Kid 1: "What are you doing, wishing?"
Guy 2: "No! I am just buying water!"
by amazing javascript programmer March 11, 2009
A saying, usually said at the end of a movie or performance, that basically means that you liked it a little bit, but it wasn't perfect.
I put left thumb up, right thumb down for that movie.
by amazing javascript programmer January 14, 2009
Someone who listens to one of their family members, and if one of them says they are going to take a bath, the one who hears this closes the bathroom door and gets in the bath, so the other family member can not get to the bath.
I know you silly punk. You are a bathtaker and you need to stop.
by amazing javascript programmer September 17, 2008
Something that you say when you are upset with someone, but you are not allowed to say any swear words.
That crazy little son of a geek
by amazing javascript programmer September 07, 2008
A style of electronic bagpipes made by the Fagerstrom company.
Twin Thistle is the best Celtic group in Michigan. I heard that the bagpiper plays Fagerstrom Technopipes.
by amazing javascript programmer August 22, 2011
Of or relating to British singer/songwriter Imogen Heap.
She has a very Imogenial music style; I guess that's what she gets for being a Heap fan.
by amazing javascript programmer April 21, 2011

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