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The one-and-only Blackberry device that Barack Obama uses.
How big is The Obamaberry?
by amazing JavaScript programmer February 01, 2009
The name most Web servers give a home page.
Even though you may see http://www.google.com/ in Internet Explorer's address bar, it is really http://www.google.com/index.html on the server. Index.html is the only file name invisible. However, some pages have an index2.html that you can see in an address bar.
by amazing JavaScript programmer January 17, 2009
A geek who posts many, many words on Urban Dictionary.
I am so excited, because I am becoming an urban dictionaire!
by amazing JavaScript programmer January 09, 2009
The fourth level of math. One is addition, two is multiplication, three is exponentiation and four is tetration.
An example of tetration is if you do 2 tetrated to three, you are doing 2 to the power of 2 three times.
Acronym meaning "where is your mother?". Pronounced similar to the name William without the l's, so it sounds like "WIH-yum".
Country lady: "I've been lost in the woods since 1492!"
City prowler: "WIYM?"
Country lady: "Get lost, dude!"
When someone stumbles upon Urban Dictionary when looking for words on Google, thinking that Urban is the name of just another dictionary publisher. They look up a word, find something silly or offensive, and wonder what Urban Dictionary is.
I got Urban Dictionary syndrome in 2007 when I discovered Urban Dictionary looking for big number names like googoldecaplex. I looked up another word and was shocked at a word that came into view.
An ability that some blind people have where they can see light and dark, but nothing else. Pavis is short for "partial vision".
The secret code is Xgram651 Pavis vs. Coolgirl652 vs. hipguy653, 'cause pavis is cool.
by amazing JavaScript programmer September 17, 2008

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