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The person who, when drunk, causes or creates drama for everyone around them. This person typically claims no memory of their drunken behavior the next day.
Eric "Are you partying with Jemye tonight?"
Ann Marie "Hells no! That girl is a drama drunk! She had a nervous breakdown last time she got drunk. I had to babysit her all night while she cried about her childhood. This isn't therapy!"
by AMarie0908 August 16, 2010
artificial stupidity is when a natural brunette who dyes/highlights their hair blonde claims a "blonde moment" to make an excuse for a stupid move.
Eric "That was dumb!"
Ann Marie "Sorry. I had a 'blonde moment.'"
Eric "But you're not a REAL blonde! You had artificial stupidity!"
by AMarie0908 August 16, 2010
Verb - to have excellent sexual intercourse.

past tense - "rocked my box"

Variations: rock the box, rocked her box, rockin' the box
"I asked him to rock my box."

"Last night he rocked my box."

"Dude, last night I rocked her box. The bed moved."
by AMarie0908 May 13, 2010
Thos action movie scenes that are in no way possible (it's a stretch) but the action hero manages to pull it off.
For example: Bond movies, Bourne movies, Twilight Series, etc.
Michael - "I saw Salt."
Ann Marie "How was it?"
Michael - "It was good, lots of action, a few parts were 'stretchingly realistic' but good story though."
by AMarie0908 August 03, 2010
Pronounced "ein-stones", they are the rhinestones that people attach to their eyelids for a dramatic or "stage" or tacky effect.
Phaedra wore eyenstones at her baby shower!
by AMarie0908 November 01, 2010
oblitaplastered is a combination of "obliterated" and "plastered"...typically when referencing a level of intoxication.
Brandon - "Dude. I was oblitaplastered at that party last night!"
by AMarie0908 December 16, 2010
ONM is an acronym of "Oh, Never Mind"; typically used in texting. It basically means "oh forget it". Not typically used with sarcasm.
Ann Marie - "What did you mean when you said I could help you?"
Steve - "ONM. I finished it myself."
by AMarie0908 December 14, 2010
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