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white chicks who only fuck black guys
dayum, once you go black, you never go back seemed to be true for Alicia... the nightrider of all time
by alyssa April 06, 2005
Means 'love-child' in Japanese.

Pronounced I-ee-koe.
Aiko, ya know... love child... in Japanese...
Ai- love.
Ko- child.

by Alyssa June 17, 2006
balls to be cut off, penis detached, penis bye bye
The casterated turkey was walkin through the woods.
by alyssa April 16, 2005
when you are both sad and mad at the same time.
ohh shnap, your mom sucked last night and that makes me smad.
by alyssa April 02, 2005
gay ass mother fucker
that man is sucha GAMF!
by alyssa October 15, 2003
the new "hippest" way to say cool(*lol), expecially when instant messaging!
IM Conversation:
monkeezrok: I got a new Guitar!!!
tammlala: Koolio!!!
by Alyssa March 06, 2004
Music/Lifestyle that involves using emotions to express themselves. Poetry/Lyrics can be a popular way of expressing an "emo kid's" feelings. An "emo kid" is not always sad and depressed, contrary to beliefs. Music is usually a huge influence in an "emo kid's" life.
"Emo Kid" Bands: Dashboard Confessional, The Spill Canvas, The Used,Hawthorne Heights,Eve 6, Relient K
by Alyssa March 25, 2005
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