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pirated material, usually media (DVDs, CDs, MP3s) and software of lower quality that the original. Bootleg (movie)DVDs and (music/software) CDs can be found by going onto a street corner of any major city and there you will find a guy selling them out of his trunk of just sitting on a street corner on top of a blanket selling. Pirated material can also be found on the Internet using such p2p applications such as limewire, emule, and bittorrent.

The term "bootleg" comes from back in the day when people used to wear boots that came up to your knees and they would steal whiskey by sticking it in there "boot-leg".
-Dude, i want to see Starwars episode 3 but its not in theaters until Sunday
-Well i got a copy of it bootleg at the crib
-Im coming over!
by alt coder October 22, 2005
cardboard box used to stash away your porno
I need to let one go, wheres your stash box?
by alt coder October 22, 2005

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