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Love: noun ¹,²--

¹ Basically a state of mind where you feel like you could die right then and feel complete simply knowing that they're yours. It's a trust that extends beyond a secret, because you're not giving them a secret, not even just your life, but your love which is so much more because it is so entirely a part of you that you want them to keep it forever. And you're trusting them to do the same. Love is passion. Wonderful, mind fogging passion that leaves you breathless and starving for it to keep going as long as you live. The shallow words that teenagers throw at eachother are an abuse of the meaning that "I love you" envokes.
² Love is torture. It's like someone ripped a part of you out, because they're holding it hostage. It's giving them the power to make you or break you so entirely that it drives you mad. Love makes you weak at the knees and brings tears to your eyes, leaving you more vulnerable and naked (metaphorically) than any other emotion, and a simple word can knock you clear off your feet. Love gives you feelings inside that gnaw more and more when they're not with you, and you find yourself craving the taste of them, the sound of their voice, the comfort of their smile, of their arms, until it's not even a craving anymore, but a need, a deep, insatable need that you can't block out no matter how much you want to. It basically puts strings to your joints and names you a puppet. And try as you might, you can't find a single reason to object. Love is passion, the kind that makes you pull your hair and scream out loud.

verb-- Mmm...who wants some sweet lemonade? ;D "Bow chicka bow-wow"

*The opposite of love is NOT hate; indifference is. Hate and love are a passion that keep you wanting, keep you craving, keep you guessing, and keep you going*
by alphabetically anonymous October 17, 2010

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