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1) n. A fundamental evangelical Christian, especially one who actively proselytizes.

See also Jesus crispy
Kirk Cameron was cool, but then he turned all jeezoid. Now he bakes other Jesus crispies on his show.
by Alienthropologist October 22, 2004
1) n. a religious automaton
2) n. a dogma spewing host of one of any potent viral meme complexes, for example, organized religion, political affiliation, or scientific paradigm.
John Ashcroft was annoitied with Crisco oil after he was appointed Attorney General. Dear God, now we have a Jesus crispy setting public policy. "Let the Eagle Soar" and the end come soon.
by Alienthropologist October 22, 2004
1) Any act of cleaning or hygiene not usually performed except when someone else is around.

Also lygienist
I swear he was leaving until I came out of the stall. Steve totally has good lygiene.

Bachelors are born lygienists.
by Alienthropologist October 22, 2004
A combination of blasphemy and philosopher describing one who has no fear of and indeed loves especially irreverent ideas and to whom nothing is sacred.

See also sacrosaint
Bill Hicks is THE comedian for any blasphile. Just hearing his critique on the "miracle" of childbirth, his portrayal of God as a trickster who faked dinosaur fossils as a test of faith, and anything he has to say about drugs would make Mr. and Mrs. Straight-Jones spontaneously combust on their own self-righteous fumes.

Being a blasphile means playing atop the heap of society's taboos...and having a damn good time.
by Alienthropologist July 15, 2005
1)n. One who enjoys sexual congress with baked goods, confections, pastries, etc.
Come 'ere cupcake, this jackfroster's got some banana-nut creme filling for ya!

Eww! Like that jackfroster from American Pie.
by Alienthropologist October 22, 2004
1) n. the art and science of manipulating small groups of people

Also smallitician, smallitical
We always order pizza at Eric's; the guy's got our smallitics down.
by Alienthropologist October 22, 2004
one who has taken the art of blasphemy, unorthodoxy, and taboo to a new level. An ascended master of naughtiness, a genius at vulgarity as an exercise.

see also blasphile
Like their religious counterparts, sacrosaints remain above such pittances as considering whether their free thought offends any bipedal offshoots of the chimpanzee.

My sacrosaints are Carlin, RAW, Leary, Izzard, Williams, Chapelle, Hicks, Cho, Borroughs - anyone who still tells the disgusting and ugly truth...and their works are my bible.
by Alienthropologist July 16, 2005
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