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douche-fag: a cross between a fag and a douchebag. someone who is somewhat of a prick, not easy to get along with. irrational and likes to have sex with other men.
ryan: I went to the mall, and I aw this cute guy and he was with your bitch sister. I wish he was with me instead because I'm sexy.
al: you're such a douchefag
by alex middleton December 04, 2006
to smoke a cigarette. this is usually used during parties where the host doesn't allow smoking in the house. so one person will invite another outside for a smoke.
I just bought a box of squares, do you want to go outside and spoof a charlie?
by alex middleton December 04, 2006
someone who lacks the skill and/or endurance to play on a Nintendo Wii.
Look at that Wii-tard... he has no follow-through on his golf game
by alex middleton December 08, 2006

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