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1 definition by alekies

Basically Microsoft's next big fat console that allows blood-thirsty players to play blood-filled killing games. Will emulates incredible details and graphics of death, mutilation, blood, infiltration, conspiration, explosion, planet novas, killing and prostitution. You will have to choice between two packs: $300 for the console, a card, a wired controller and a frisbee, or the damn expensive so-good-its-from-microsoft $400 that contains everything you need in your life.

Ideal for the asswhole family.
-hey man i cant wait for xbox360 to come out!!1
-what games are you looking for?
-games?! for cares about games look i can play my rap music while i shoot pedestrians in the head before their children
-your sick
-fuck you bitch look at those graphics you can see the organs falling out form their bodies!!1
by alekies August 27, 2005
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