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A person of Aztec ancestry that:

1. Is proud to be Mexican
2. Is all about family
3. Likes tacos and pozole a toda madre (all to the mother for you white people)
4.Eats beens. (unlike all those whitewashed pochos)

5. Drinks tequila whenever possible
6. Does any job without complaining: cheaper, better, faster
7. Is or knows someone that's in a gang
8. Wears crocodile boots and belts
9.Is afraid of the "cucui" at a young age

10.Regards Pancho Villa and Zapata as their all time heroes
Josh: I heard Mexicans are great at holding awesome parties.
Jose: You bet your ass vato... you shoulda went to the last one... my tia got drunk an' barfed all over my primo Chuy
Josh: Thanks for the invite but I'd rather stick to my idea of "fun"...

*Aside:Damn Mexicans*
by alacran2121 November 24, 2009
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