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Bam Margera is synonymous with gay.
"Bam Margera is pretty gay, dude"
"For real, thats redundant, man"
by aim: pflumm EP September 04, 2006
Located in eastern KS, Johnson County is one of the richest counties in the U.S. Somehow tons of kids have no money, what's up with that?
"I live in Johnson County, man"
"Whoa, you must be loaded!"
"Not so much.."
by aim: pflumm EP September 04, 2006
A new drink from Coke. Coka-Cola Blak is a 'fusion' of flavors. It's pretty much just Coke with coffee extract that gives it a coffe taste. A lot of people like it, a lot don't. It's pretty good though, give it a try.
"Yo, you had some Coka-Cola Blak yet?"
"Dude, you gotta hit that up."
by aim: pflumm EP September 04, 2006
Olathe South is the best hight school is KS. They own at pretty much everything. The people there are crazy. The kids manage to get in a ton of car accidents too. Unlike Olathe South, Olathe East sucks, let's take a moment and think about that one, hmm..
"I go to Olathe South."
"I go to East."
"You lose, man."
by aim: pflumm EP September 04, 2006

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