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1 definition by ahcforreal

Holy Cross girls. Although half of what you are saying is true, its still a good time. Sure, we drink (alot), we smoke pot (a lot) we smoke other stuff (like its our jobs) and hey who cares its all about having a good time. Our skirts are pretty short, thats because we have some hot ass teachers. Ribbons, you wear them too shut the fuck up. Yeah, im a whore on the hill but im pretty proud. Hooking up with girls when you are shit faced is normal. you just don't know how to have a gooooood time. Boys cant resist our beautiful charm. Abortions? i dont think so...
Taking naked pictures, who dosent do that? unless your fat
Holy Cross really does suck but in the end im kinda proud to say that iv taken part in about everything iv listed, and here i am today, proud to be a holy cross girl THYANK YOU
The real definition of a holy cross girl
by ahcforreal February 24, 2005
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