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Containing alterations, foreign admixture, or errors. Deteriorated from the normal or standard; specifically a) morally unsound or debased; perverted; evil; depraved. b) taking bribes
Someone changed the letters of the word I typed, from 'associations' to "assiciations.' The same person who corrupted the spelling of my word is morally depraved and thinks there is a rank in the armed forces of who has to have sex with who. He even stole my $5,000 CD certificate when it came due by having prearranged for the bank teller to hand one of them back to him with his name on it instead of mine.
by acorn1 September 22, 2009
of, relating to, characterized by, or being in the stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory during which the child is concerned especially with its feces
He is anal.
by acorn1 September 19, 2009
Something so positively remarkable as to evoke 'ooh's and 'aah's from all listeners.
It was a miracle that the baby was born and the mother survived considering the circumstances.
by acorn1 September 20, 2009
place where you do your job
He is at work.
by acorn1 September 22, 2009
A question that elicits a response in the here and now.

In French, "Quesque tu fait?"
Anytime anyone doesn't know what the other person is doing they can ask what are you doing?
by acorn1 September 20, 2009
"what the fuck?"
You are not allowed to be employed or in school if you say it because your saying what the fuck shows a complete lack of regard for what is taking up your attention, time, etc.
"What did he say that got him fired?" she asked.
"WTF." was the answer.
by acorn1 September 20, 2009
the process by which a corporation is held accountable for its effects on the environment and the community that it is in.
Some corporations pollute the environment and our human resources laws affect how a corporation relates to individuals in the community. Corporate accountability relates to limits on the pollution of the environment and it also relates to the following of human resources laws.
by acorn1 September 18, 2009

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