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A guy who walks around in an awkward manner. Walks especially slowly when he nears a girl he is attracted to. His voice is often very low and instantly irritates you as soon as you hear it. If he likes you, he may go up to you and mutter something with his creepy voice. When you least expect it, you're just going about your business and you turn around and he's standing right behind you, so close you hear feel his creepy breathing.

Upon seeing him, girls will often get nausea and extreme irritability.
David walks up to Anabella and mutters something creepy.

Anabella: Excuse me teacher, I think I'm gonna throw up. Could I be excused?

Maddy and Claire are walking around at school.

Claire: Hey look it's David.

Maddy: The creepy one?

Claire: Yeah, the one that lurks around and angers me just by existing.

Maddy: Let's get out of here.
by achoo/ March 20, 2010

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