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A visual learning aid, used to decipher any question concerning the mythical (clitoral) and actual (g spot) regions of the vagina. Often described using hand gestures.

The Origin of this term was from the Summer of 2014 at the Midtown Bar, Newport RI.
1. Vagiagrams helped me lose my virginity.

2. The Greek system has recently begun incorporating vagiagrams in their pledge term curriculums.

3. The mythical clitoris has allegedly been found using a vagiagram.

4. What do they call the useless piece of skin surrounding the vagiagram?

The woman a
#vaginagram #clitorasaurus #vagasaurus rex #x marks the twat #lickalotapuss
by Ace in your hole September 05, 2014
Goes off of the principle of a black out but takes it further. there are several different ways to acheive a white out. You must be so drunk that you : A) wake up in another city, state, or country with no knowlege of where you are and how you got there. B) lose or seriously damage a body part. C) wake up with complete amnesia..... like who the fuck am i? D) wake up married, losing or gaining a substantial amt. of money, or adopted an african baby.
dude did you hear about jeffs white out? Homie woke up drunk in canada yesterday missing a toe thinking he was brad pitt..... dude had an african baby though so i can understand that part.
#whiteout #blackout #drunk #wasted #trashed
by ace in your hole December 24, 2010
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