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Go shorty, it's your birfday
in da club
by AC February 16, 2003
1.A place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention, especially persons awaiting trial under local jurisdiction.

2.Detention in a jail
jail sucks
by ac February 24, 2004
A person who robs people and/or stores.
"In broad daylight stick up kids they run up on us" -- Nas
by AC March 25, 2005
(n) together with
Take this weed laced with crack
by AC March 27, 2004
Something We all adore, something worth dying for, stuck in this game searchin' for fortune and fame

Fame is good to a certain extent, but the lack of privacy really sucks
by AC November 29, 2003
What's up, in creol
Sak pasé to all my hationa homies!
by AC September 24, 2003
Mom I'd Like to Fuck
Hey yo reader, yeah you, i fucked ur mom she was such a MILF
by AC August 19, 2003
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