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2 definitions by abuzettin imanikilli

It is a street slang. You stand up and shit her/his face means "shit up your face"
- you smell like a shit, did some1 shit up your face?
- yeah thats why i hate 69 position all the time!
by abuzettin imanikilli June 17, 2009
Turkish version ( clone!) of The Urban Dictionary.
they even have a book under the name of " Eksi Sozluk kafadan kopartan kitabi!" means : "Eksi Sozluk Book
funniest, smartest, crunkest! " that seems like Urban Dictionary's The original copy.
Copyright Statics:

Urban Dictionary ©1999-2009

Eksi Sozluk ©1999-2009
by abuzettin imanikilli June 17, 2009