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attention cutter
someone who self harms for no apparent reason other than to get other people to look at them or ask whats wrong with there pathetic whiny lives .as there is actually nothing wrong they are forced to start crying or shouting out "why is everything so unfair"
attention cutter (AT):*looks at arm repeatdley ,around to see if any1`s watching*starts crying
unsuspecting by stander:whats wrong ?
(AT):everything *sobs* *rolls up sleeve to reveal small shallow cuts
by stander :how did u do that ?
(AT)it all just got to much
bystander :what u cut yourself ? it cant be that bad , with a knife?
(AT):oh it is , i was just crying alone while telling every1 i know on myspace and then i just took the comb iand started scratching
bystander :a comb *walks away in disgust* what an attention cutter
by about a blank April 04, 2006

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