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A really small town in Union County, New Jersey. Next to Union, Roselle, and Cranford. It's only a square mile so everyone knows everyone. There's a bike path near the NJ Transit rails that's always being checked out by cops. There used to be the grove near the HS where everyone would set things on fire and smoke shit. It's a really dramatic town with gangster wannabes and there are barely any normal, down to earth people. Despite all that, they have the hottest girls out there. The rival team is from Kenilworth aka the Brearley Bears.
Guy 1: Yo you headed to the grove?
Guy 2: Stupid, it's not there anymore but we still can smoke some shit. You up for it?
Guy 1: Hell yea
Guy 2: Damn I love Roselle Park. Can do any shit around here.
by aaron westbrook October 03, 2007

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