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a Rockerchick who loves listening to rock music. but she's also a great dancer. and an awesome actress. her voice sounded like fefe dobson.
Jesse Mccartney: hey mariether, someones telling me that you have a big crush on me. is that true?
Mariether escovilla: Well, obviously yes because you are so hot!
Jesse Mccartney: oh I'm hot?! would you like to taste something?
Mariether Escovilla: like what?
Jesse Mccartney: My hard strong rockin' dick
Mariether Escovilla: Fuck You! you are so bastos! i don't like ya anymore!
by aaron carter March 05, 2005
originating in latin americain truckstops. then moving north to the midwest areas. Tinkers are the small decorative shot glasses that 80-90 year old women collect as they make one last trip across the nation before thay die. These people are called "Tinkerers or Tinkalingers" As of July 23 the Record for most tinkers was 389 from Janie Briggs, a resident of Michletown MI.
"Sandy Sue just got a new dolphin tinker from "Dirty Dicks " in Dothan, and damn, that mo- fo is fine as can be!
by aaron carter July 23, 2004
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