55 definitions by aaron steven burns

Governor Chris Christie Kreme Doughnuts.
If Governor Chris Christie visits another Krispy Kreme, they will Crown him; Governor Chris Christie Kreme.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS June 12, 2015
Relying on one Search Engine. Dependency on a single Engine.
I only use "Google Search" as my Church Engine.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS June 03, 2015
Using Super Glue since the Doctor simply doesn't give a shit!
My leg bone was sticking out and the Doctor pushed it in and used Super Glue Surgery to close it.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS April 09, 2015
Screwing anyone who has a Yeast Infection. Yeast is used to make bread.
Loaf Dick has no right to stop me from spreading it.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS April 04, 2015
Wanking-off to Explicit Manga or Anime.
Dirty Cartoons are for kids or perverts Mickey Mouseterbating.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS January 11, 2015
The fine art of making smells.
I {FART} approximately 100 times an hour which puts me at the top of the class in Smell-o-graphy.
No one can Smell like me.
by AARON STEVEN BURNS December 03, 2014
When you some how slip and fall into a Vagina.
I visited the Mustang Ranch for my first time and; Wouldn't you know it, Banana Peel Sex!
by AARON STEVEN BURNS September 14, 2015

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