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to pretend that u havin sex on aim by typin in da noises youd make. usually done by virgins who just wish that it was actually happenin
roxychik880: harder, HARDER!
lakersfan55: YEa BiTch!

that is aim fucking
by aaaaannnnnttttthhhhh July 23, 2008
to do something (or someone) quick and easy. Comes from the popular restaurant, which is famous for being able to get food quick and easy. Can be applied to anything, but usually applied to getting some with sluts.
Dave: I don't know who to call because nobody will want to hang if we only have an hour.

Rob: Lets call Gina, we can do her waffle house style
by aaaaannnnnttttthhhhh October 21, 2009
an expression based on saved by the bell, saved by the blood is used when someone gets hurt, and while it doesnt seem too bad, when it starts bleeding people take it worse and let you get off easier for being hurt, However, saved by the blood does not always work, for example in a street fight you will not be saved by the blood.
Drew: why isnt will playing?

Jose: he got a real bad cut on his leg he's bleeding alot.

Drew: pussy was saved by the blood.
by aaaaannnnnttttthhhhh June 25, 2009

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