3 definitions by aNINJApie

1. Used to hold things together via an elastic band.

2. Used to hold large sums of money together. In some places, people wrap a $20 bill around a bunch of $1 bills to give the appearance of them being rich.
Ya dawg, I put too many Benjamin's in tha stack. I popped my rubberbands.
by aNINJApie February 14, 2008
Shortened version of the word "awful".

My friend mean't to type rofl but missed the r.
Man - How is the weather outside?
Woman - It is ofl.
Man - Well damn.
by aNINJApie March 09, 2011
An extremely well known computer hacker and video game player.
aNINJApie is beastly at Counter-Strike Source.
by aNINJApie October 27, 2008

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