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A shit-hole town full of scumbags and potheads. No West Deptford is not a good place to live because of the underachieving students that walk the halls. If you are looking for a nice pleasant place to settle down West Deptford would not be that place, for most of the residents have their nose's quite high in the air. No matter the stories you hear of how West Deptford's young adolescents are vigilant and corrupt with craziness, I assure you these are not the attributes of West Deptford teenagers. However if you are looking for a corrupt, boring, and very much in debt place to settle then I can assure you West Deptford is the place for you. I hope you enjoy the refineries and the shitty community.
nigh is just an example of how ridiculous and outright despicable the adolescents of West Deptford communicate.

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