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Khat is a stimulant with similar effects to amphetamine. It is a leaf which is chewed over a number of hours.

Chewing it can make people feel more alert and talkative.
It can also suppress the appetite.
Although it's a stimulant, many users report a feeling of calm if it's chewed over a few hours. Some describe it as being 'blissed out'.
Khat is not an illegal substance in the UK, but it is in many other countries.
by a7x rules August 05, 2006
The legend, who is a guitarist from Avenged Sevenfold (A7X)
no one can play the guitar like synester gates!!
by A7X rules July 03, 2006
Aka phencyclidine (more commonly known as angeldust), is a hallucinogen. It has similar effects as LSD but is a lot more dangerous. It can act as a hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant, and anesthetic all at the same time and it used as a horse tranquiliser.
1 dose of PCP can last to up to a month.
by a7x rules August 05, 2006
a fucking great band from seattle. They only have two awesome albums out but they are the best american punk rock band out at the moment
im going two aiden gig because they rule
by a7x rules July 26, 2006
someone who has a fear of garlic!!!
"What is that"
"What have you got Alliumphobia"
by a7x rules July 27, 2006
another word for necrophilia
seeing all these dead bodies makes me want to crack open a cold one!!
by a7x rules July 26, 2006

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