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1 definition by a.non.

Rare beautiful species of the girl genus. Imogens are are usually seen in groups of other girls, but never in packs of more than 17. Imogens are often refrerred to as both fabulous and fuckable, and whilst the male species makes advances, due to her shy, introverted and honest nature, often the Imogen turns him down. This results in Imogens given a bad reputation amognst not only the male genus, but within the girl genus too. Many girls are jealous of Imogens - due to her lovely nature and great ability at hugging.
Male A: She's hot.
Male B: Fo Sho my African brother.
Male A: Who is that girl? I want to know her name.
Female X: That's Imogen.
Female Y: She can be a bitch, but secretly she's only shy.
Males A+B: She's hot.
by a.non. October 29, 2007