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1 definition by a.j.p chi-db-phi

If it's new. If it's hip. If it's fuckin' tight ass sh*t that you know just can't be ignored...
If it's funky. If it's fresh. If it's chill ass. If it's sweet. If it's nice. If it's awesome. If it rocks. If it's rad. If it's too cool for school. If it's bomb ass sh*t. If it's bank. If it's money. It's . . . PINK.
P1: Did you see that car?
P2: Yeah. Wasn't it sweet?
P1: Nah. Dude that was pink.

P1: O my gosh! It's Orlando! He's so hot!
P2: Yeah right! He's pink!
by a.j.p chi-db-phi October 19, 2004