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either from std's, frequent masterbation, or inbreeding, this is when a male can ejaculate blood at will
guy: what do you want first the white milk or the fruit punch?
girl: mmm give me the fruit punch

guy: they dont call me a ketchup squirter for nothing
by a white racist-dom f May 22, 2011
The act of insterting an empty paper towel role, cardboard tube, etc. into ones anus, preferably male, and then placing a hampster into the tube. The hampster will then precede to crall into his anal cavity. this is extremely gay yet enjoyable. this actually happened to the newschannel 34 guy
john: did u hear what the newschannel 34 guy did?
pete: no
john: he did a harrisburg hampster tube
pete: wow what a fag..but i bet it felt good
by a white racist-dom f May 22, 2011

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