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A relatively good band from Australia that made it big in 1980 with Back in Black, a silent tribute to the late lead singer Bon Scott. A shirt that says Back in Black is rampant in schools, and the vast majority of the people who wear these shirts and think they're badass oldschoolers have never even heard any of their songs, with the exception of the chorus of Back in Black (the song).

So, in short: A good band that many poseurs claim to like simply because they think it's cool, despite the fact they probably don't own/never downloaded the album.
I was listening to Shoot to Thrill when that motherfucker skate punk who thinks he's the shit strides up to me and says fake-psychedelic-like "Dude, what is that song man? And like, who sings it?". He's wearing a Back in Black shirt, and I say "You must be fucking joking, right? You're wearing a shirt that has the name of the album on it!". He replies "Oh yeah dude! This is AC/DC! Must have had a brain skip dude!"
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