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The most annoying people in THE WHOLE WORLD.
Who, by the way, can't really call themselves Irish just because they sometimes wear green, have drunk guinness, and have ginger hair
and especially because a large proportion of my so-called fellow Irishmen have, in fact, no idea that the island is split into TWO SEPARATE COUNTRIES.
me (irish): hello.
"irish-american": oh my gawsh, do i detect a lilting irish brogue?
me: um, well if you're wondering if i'm from ireland, then, well, i suppose i should say "yes" about now.
"irish american": i'm irish too, you know.
me: really, you sound like you're american to me.
"irish american": no, my great great great great second cousin once removed came from kerry! all my friends can hear the irish accent in my voice- can't you?
me: um. well to me you sound pretty much american
"irish american": och, you're having me on- as us irish say!
do you know my family, i wonder? the mckeowns of kerry? you must know them, they're big there.
me: well i'm actually from northern ireland, so...
"irish american": yes- the north of ireland
me: no- NORTHERN IRELAND. it's a different country.
"irish american": yeah, ok, and i live in northern north america.
me: that's different, see- it's a DIFFERENT COUNTRY
"irish american": not sure i follow you there...you're saying that the north of ireland is, in fact, a totally different country from southern ireland? when did that happen?
by a real irish person March 15, 2006

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