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pro-McCain ad: ....the original maverick!
viewer: wtf?
by a nony mouse August 21, 2008
A reaction to a pick-up line, comeback, burn, or diss that was, at first thought, great, but upon further examination revealed itself to be a) stupid, b) creepy, or c) just plain tragic. Usually starts with great enthusiasm only to die down very quickly.
Guy 1: Boy your mama's so fat they had to use an atomic bomb to make a crater large enough to bury her in!

Guy 2: HEY-oh.
by A NONY MOUSE October 21, 2014
the german word for ficken. i learned this from my 15-year-old cousin, the olds got mad at him for teaching that to a ten year old. has become my favorite word, especcialy used by the band The ARzte.
artze: ficken ficken ficken ficken ficken...
alex: JA! ich liebe ficken!
me: ficken? ooh what does that mean.
alex: FUCK (HIS favorite word, uses it 12 time a minute)
kerstin: liebe gott..... das ist nicht gut!!
by a nony mouse January 14, 2005

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