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Where a group of guys line up to bang a slut.
I would love to run the train on that bitch Mirna.
by a neighbor July 27, 2004
The best friend of the Friends. "Pheebs" was odd but, sexy in her own way.
I would bang Phoebe Buffay if she was a real person.
by a neighbor July 31, 2004
1. to take a puff off a cigarette or marijuana joint.

2. to hit a object with a fist or other object.

3. to have sex with a girl.
Rodney offered me a fresh joint so I hit that shit.

Biff had a annoying friend so he hit that shit with a ball bat.

Mirna told me she was horny so I hit that shit all night.
by a neighbor July 27, 2004
A sex starved lazy housewife who sits on her fat sexy ass all day eating bon bons and watching Oprah.
Peggy Bundy was invited to the gangbang.
by a neighbor July 26, 2004
Where a group of people line up and have sex with a person.
A group of students ran The Train on their teacher Mrs. S at her house.
by a neighbor July 27, 2004
Where three people have sex with each other.
My girlfriend and I have had numerous three somes with Mirna.
by a neighbor July 27, 2004
What you say when you are walking down the street or hall with your buddies and you see a hot chick walking in front of you while checking her out.
Mike and I were walking down the hall and I said, "would you bang it?" as Whitney walked ahead of us, she heard me and turned around and smiled at me.
by a neighbor November 12, 2004
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