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A person named Edie is generally a very trustworthy friend, although confused and annoyed by unfaithfulness, she can become a very close person, she has difficulty telling secrets to even trusted friends but is valued overall
Oh boy! Edie is such a great person!
by A Llama October 17, 2012
n. A game that pizza joints, arcades, etc. have that usually has really cool prizes like a 360, ipod, psp, etc. but is really hard to win. Involves stacking set of blocks on top of each other as they move back and forth on the screen. As you stack each set it goes faster and eventually you can only stack 1 block on top of another. Some people think the top row is rigged.
Damn it! I was so close to winning that PS3! I just spent $10 trying to beat this stupid stacker game! :(

"No! I don't want to get a minor prize!" (Loses at the last row for major prize) "NO!!!!!!!!!! I spent $50 on this! T-T"
by a llama January 31, 2010

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