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The only thing in my life that is a bigger waste of time than sitting at home and staring blankly at the wall.

At least I can think when I sit at home and stair at the wall! At North, it is impossible to think.

To hell with the government, the school board, and the administration.

They take my parent's tax money and use it to waste my fucking time. No wonder people in general (probably just around where I live) are so goddamn stupid.

The only institution where I'll actually learn is in a university for 30,000 a year. The only place where I actually have been learning is at the library. But there are no teachers at the library? That fucking sucks.

Here's the math expression:

Middletown North Teacher < Nothing

Have I made it clear?

Maybe if my parents didn't have to pay for stupid teachers salaries, turf fields, and what ever else they throw away, then I could afford 30,000 a year without being in debut. The administrators treat us like shit and act like fucking nazi ss prison guards all while being paid by our tax money.
Administrator: "Not only will I take you parent's tax money, but I'll steal your property (cell phones, ipods, etc) because I fucking say so."

Student: "you scumbag"

Administrator: "Now I'll write you up because no one speaks to me like that. I am a fucking god. You can't win. I own your life for six hours everyday.

Student: "Middletown high school north is not a nice place, not at all."
by a little rattle snake June 04, 2009

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