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To kill someone by making them feel anerexic (causing them to starve to death).
(An-or-EX-ecuted)Comes from the words anorexic and execute.
1."Have you seen katie's dad? He looks like he's being anorexecuted!"
2."Wow, look at you! Looks like your new diet is going to anorexecute you!"
by a german ninja hele March 20, 2009
someone in a chatroom/anyone online/on your desktop othat says all the right things.
iheartpopmusic:your voice
desktop_fairy: is the soundtrack of my summer
iheartpopmusic: you are my desktop fairy! do you like oreos dipped in peanut butter?
desktop_fairy: OMG yess! You are my desktop fairy too! You make majical things happen!
iheartpopmusic: you spelled magical wrongly. but i didn't know how to spell it eather, before!!!
by a german ninja hele March 22, 2009
When someone says or does something really funny, then recreates the moment with a different crowd and pretends that this was the first time they did/said that funny thing. Usually used to get attention, or a bigger reaction.
ex. 1
Sarah: ohh I like your leather jacket Matt! I hope it doesn't get wrecked in the rain!
Matt: Thanks! It won't get wrecked, think about it, cows don't get wrecked in the rain, and leather is from cows...!
Sarah: haha!! you're so funny!
(a littlle while later)
(Matt is with other friends in his jacket)
MAtt: Do you think my jacket will get ruined? Since its raining and all?
Lauren: I hope not!
Matt: Well, i guess since leather is made from cows, and cows are waterproof, it will be fine.. !
Lauren: haha You're so funny Matt!
*Matt has just live in fived*

Person 1: Oh my god, Jakey is so funny! He just compared Adriana to Julie Andrews!!

Person 2: Wait, he totally just did that five minutes ago in the cafeteria! And it wasn't funny.

Person 1: He must have live in 5'ed it.
by a german ninja hele October 25, 2009

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