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2 definitions by a dude who likes shopping for thongs

First used in "Grey's Anatomy", "Oprah", and "The View". They were all made fun of on a show called "The Soup". Oh, and it means vagina for the wimps who can't even try to say it.
Girl: I hate having my period 'cause then my va jay jay hurts.

Guy: Wimp....
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A nasty and EXTREMELY disturbing video. WARNING!: Do not watch if you get sick very easily! It shows lots of poop and vomit going in and out of 2 girls' mouths. It's supposed to promote a XXX site.
Guy: Hey! have you seen 2 girls 1 cup?! They do LOTS of crazy things in that video!

Other guy: No way!! I'll watch when I get home!!!!

*next day*

Other guy: You Fucker!! My mom watched it with me now I'm never allowed to touch the computer again!!!
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