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It is a small town in New Jersey. It is known for its excessive drug and alcohol abuse. The number of drug and alcohol users is rapidly increasing. It might not be suppected as a bad town because of its historic sites. Like many towns, Cranford's social status is divided by the traintracks that pass through it. The north side be the richer, and the south side being the poorer. Mohawk park is on the south side of Cranford. It is believed that at night there are satanic rituals and supernatural events. Also, a dead body was found in the river of Mohawk Park. One of the most popular hang outs is the imfamous clock. Cranford is a corrupt town with corupt cops. The town of Cranford is becoming worse and worse.
Where can't you find drugs in Cranford, and where can't you find a place to do them.
by a drug user of Cranford October 23, 2006

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