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girls who are so full of themselves and think everyone loves them , but in realtiy, everone HATES them. The "popular girls" usually consist of the following:
-being blonde
-wearing short skirts with high heels
-wearing tops that show their stomach (and by the way they usually have to most expensive belly button ring)
-Own a Lois Vuitton and or Juicy Coutre
-Date the hottest guy in school who is the lacrosse/football/soccer star of the school
-have sex before they are 18
-use the words "like" "omg" "that bitch"
"i mean" "cute" "so" "ugh" and "loser"
Well, that's all there is to cover about these "poplular girls" we have to live with for the rest of our lives-hopefully if you're a popular girl, and you're reading this, you'll realize what a "that bitch" you really are
-omg i loke so bought that skirt at the mall and so wore it to school yesterday, now like that girl over there is wearing it today
-omg what a LOSER
-ughhhh that bitch
by a cali geek June 09, 2005

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