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goth. what is . it . to be goth...? cemetery black with grey accesories? A loathing to live and be alive; ourself not understanding others ? Cliches are just that. Do I drive a hearse, with...blackwall tires..? and make my own absinthe? Or am I an artist, musician, poet whom cares not for an..y.thing save for whatever be the moments spur? As popeye said I yam what i yam..leave me alone to do and think as I will. I am the subculture of a subculture that prescribes and doesn't subscribe to any..thing most do. I am myself on my own path, as it were, in life. Do I wear clothing of a year born one two three or, damn it all...TEN years popular before my birth?! Nunya bizzness nor excitement of any form, for I am all that is dark and pretentious and forlourn. I am of an age that didn't exist, I am gen X. i AM TRYING TO FORGIVE THOSE WHOM HURT ME SO in my own way. By the way I would appreciate it for you to leave me alone. leave me alone with this, this instrumentally foreshadowing debacle of selfrighteousness! The arrogant and insignificant self-virtue I claim 'tis my own 'an none other. So I ask "what is goth?" It is not what many think, but in fact it. is. me . . . me alone. me with another ...and me by myself, in my own self prescribed affidavit for normality or non to distinguish and yet set closer to the rest of society.
N/A ...goth; an uncouth or rude person; comparable to pagan in reference to olde dictionaries, one whom is unlearned or non-conformist/non-christian
by a blank expression April 17, 2009

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