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HOT HOT HOT! Amazing on guitar! Romantic songs! Amazing voice that makes you swoon! HOT! Wonderful artist! HOT! Seems to be a great guy all-around! HOT! Wonderful musician! ...and did we mention HOT?
I love Brad Paisley! Nothing can compare to his amazing hotness and talent!
by Zum Zum Fanny July 31, 2006
an insult infinitely superior to "your mom"
Person: Your mom!

You: Your mom's car!

Person: Oooooo! That hurts! You win this round...
by Zum Zum Fanny July 31, 2006
Inspiring Christian musician. Sings wonderful and spiritual songs such as "Grace Like Rain" and "My Jesus".
The songs of Todd Agnew are inspiring and beautiful!
by Zum Zum Fanny July 31, 2006
something that implies to something that is "icky" or "gross"
What is this chickamagoo on my shoe?!?!
by Zum Zum Fanny July 31, 2006
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