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Really stoned, or baked.
"Im cake raked"

"Im baked to the cake rake"

"Dude, im cake snaked to the bake take"
by Zorack_Swim September 03, 2006
makin' money,

gettin' paid,

taxin hoes
"i be pullin' strips off these hoes"
by Zorack_Swim November 22, 2006
to say something that may get you killed, ass kicked, or yo ass blowd off.
"check dem foo's, dey git up be fucked. Naw sayin'?"

"Dat bich be talkin' shit 'e git killd!"
by Zorack_Swim January 02, 2007
to hold a hit of weed deep in your lungs as long as you can.
"fuckin' bury that rip"
by Zorack_Swim November 24, 2006
materials required for partyin. generally referred to as drugs,... alcohol is a drug.
got the party supplies?

fuck yeh, picked up a zip 'n a bottle of wolf
by Zorack_Swim November 23, 2006

The loss of all childhood memories, and inablility to function properly. Non-sense, insane person.

"Im baebatized!!!"

"Dude, yer baebatized"
by Zorack_Swim September 03, 2006

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