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Someone who fucking fucks.... Fucking is a verb so it just tells you that the "fucker" is doing just that. Fucking. He is often found being a noob. Or when you yell at someone and you have nothing better to say than "YOU FUCKING FUCKER!!!"
Dillon: I cought a fish that was this big.
Jesse: I counght a fish that was thiiiiiis big!
Nolan: My ASS!! you fucking fuckeR!!! I got one this big!!!!!!!!
Dillon: Nolan, but your penis away and show me your fish...
by Zor zor April 11, 2007
Penis, also known as the reporductive organs of a male.
guy1: Touch me where i pee!!
guy2: Dude...you're gay....
guy1: Comon! s4c|{ my Pen15 noob!!
by Zor zor April 11, 2007
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