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3 definitions by Zone Ranger

1. When a car and/or truck will not accept fuel at the fastest rate posible from the pump and the fuel pumper must slow the flow rate down to a trickle to keep the fuel from backing up and splashing out of the fuel opening.
I had to spoon feed that U-haul truck because gas was spitting out.
by Zone Ranger February 18, 2008
A person whose talking is unintelligible. It may be because they mumble, they may be soft talkers or they may be foreigners.
I couldn't understand a word that zug said about anything.
by Zone Ranger February 22, 2010
1. an automobile that is overheating to the point where steam is rolling out from under the hood.
Don't take the radiator cap off that steam roller Chevy!
by Zone Ranger February 18, 2008