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the act of covering up one's complete incompetence with only minor incompetence.
"the teacher got pissed at me for not doing assignment, but but I made up an excuse so she only thinks I'm forgetful now"

"dude, so Sarah Palin!!! nice!"
by zolform October 24, 2008
The second amendment to the constitution, on the bill of rights. has been horribly raped and misinterpreted by many rednecks, who use it to keep assault rifles under their pillows.
In reality, the reason that we have the "right to bear arms" is that in the days of the constitution's writing, there was no official military, just militias(armies made of citizens, similar to a volenteer fire department, so the normal people needed to have weapons at hand.
Also, its because of his that it is so easy to obtain guns, the reason that there are so many school shootings.
Person 1: "Bill and Randy have nothing better to do, so they sit on their porch with their guns and threaten people."
Person 2: "that should so be illegal"
Person 1: "Yeah, but they keep shouting about their second amendment rights. its too bad that our nation is so broken that even crazy laws like that can't get repealed."
by Zolform April 25, 2009

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