1 definition by Zoë [Strange Anti-Social]

an angsty teenager who is lightly depressed and bored that seeks attention by becoming emo or scene.

their subculture can easily be summed up as:
diet punk + diet goth = emo
an emo kid is usually seen wearing: dyed black hair in a style that usually covers one eye or 1/4 of the face, tight emo band t-shirt, tight jeans, converse or old school vans, thick eyeliner, a lip ring, thick dorky glasses weather they need them or not, scarf even when it's hot outside, jelly bracelets, ect.

their favorite activities are mostly: sulking, cutting self with a lame attempt at hiding it, writing melancholy poetry or songs, complaining, crying, being ultra sensitive and melodramatic, listening to emo music, going to emo concerts and acting like they don't want to be there, suffering from a broken heart, taking weird angled photos of themselves looking away from the camera and then posting them on their myspace profile, claiming to be original or being emo before everyone else thought it was cool and became emo themselves, hates their so-called boring lives, claiming no one understands them, ect.

by Zoë [Strange Anti-Social] September 16, 2006

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