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Used to describe one who would be embarassed to wear spandex in a weight obsessed city such as Los Angeles, but who would pass as relatively thin in regions of the southeastern United States.
Herman Goering fell into the Confederate Svelte category
by Zippy April 22, 2005
term relating to the activtiy of ambulance crews when moving someone on a trolley / gurenty when one of the crew members straddles the patioient to continue cardiac compressions
i code surfed from the cookie shop al lthe way to the car park
by zippy April 09, 2004
online dvd rental company incapable of using proper grammar in email subjects.
yo, i rented a dvd from zip.ca. it should be here in like 3 weeks.
by zippy October 01, 2004
a 1337 Counter-strike player who will own heaton at CPL
dizzy is so 1337
by zippy July 23, 2003
1) Sticks, or branch-like objects that are left in careless places, just awaiting a small child to pick them up and give them a good fiddling with.

2) A Voilin Bow (pl)
1) "Oh Crikey! Jepetto has found my fiddlesticks!"

2) "All my fiddlesticks are made of cat gut I'm afraid"
by zippy January 05, 2005
A wigger professional driver who loves the kind.
So then Gmoney says to me, "Yo homie I scored some of da Chronic while rolling hard in my FedEx truck!"
by Zippy January 30, 2005
The most Pimpin nickname in the WA
Damn, Zippy is fricken awsome in every way!
by Zippy September 10, 2004

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