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The last game in the Halo series, set to come out Q4 2006 to Q3 2007. Will be amazing.
The day Halo 3 comes out, my life will be complete. All other gamers should agree.
by Zidane is gay July 30, 2006
The phrases or words on girls pants or shorts. Men's eyes automatically drop to see what it says, it is unfair when you are walking with other girls. Or if the girl with the ass phrase is fat, nasty, or both!
An ass phrase that is popular is the word JUICY.
by Zidane is gay August 01, 2006
Greatest sporting event in the world, 32 international soccer teams participate to become world champions. Currently Italy are the world champions.
Brazil won the world cup in 2002. Italy won and Zidane headbutted in 2006.
by Zidane is gay July 25, 2006

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