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A girl who is obsessed with the "yaoi" form of anime. Generally a loving and open person who readily *glomps* or *huggles*

Some are vicious porn frieks, but most are quite personable.
Katya, a.k.a. Queen of the Yaoi Fangirls, can be quite cute, but also vicious if you get between her and her pr0n.
by Zeta Gundam March 11, 2005
plu-ff: A term usually used between "action stars" (*example*).

Often used by anime fangirls to describe the action of whacking someone with a plusshy pillow.
ZetaGundam: Say...i never noticed how short your legs are...
BambooPanda: ...
BambooPanda: *Ploofs Zeta*
by Zeta Gundam March 11, 2005

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